How fast are you losing weight with your favorite diet foods

Is your favorite weight loss diet plan really helping you lose fat successfully?

I guess it is not. If it is, you probably wouldn’t be reading this page.

Let’s face it: the majority of fad diets just don’t work well. Some may help you shed some pounds, but they fail to motivate you enough to stick to them for long. After a while, you are back to your old eating habits and bring back your good friends — your fat!

What is wrong with your weight loss diet plan? It probably suffers from these problems:

(1)   Calorie counting

Calorie counting is a common feature of many diet plans. The bad news is: calorie counting simply does NOT help you lose weight. Why? Because it simply makes your life difficult. You are always having to take the trouble to measure the calorie content of your food items. Don’t you find it tiresome, and perhaps even irritating at times? What would you do when you eat at restaurants? Can you measure the calorie of each food item on the menu? Predictably, you’ll abandon such diet plans in no time.

(2)   Food restriction

You’ve put on much unwanted fat because you’ve been eating the wrong kinds of food. In order for you to lose weight successfully, all diet plans have to force you to change your eating habits by barring you from eating the “bad” foods that you crave. The is precisely why these diet plans fail — they ban your “bad” foods so strictly that you’ll have to bid farewell to them permanently to succeed in losing weight. This makes you feel deprived of the enjoyment of eating. These feelings of being deprived easily kills your weight loss efforts and motivation.

(3)   Expensive

Many weightloss diet plans require you to buy special kinds of foods from them. And often they are not cheap because you can’t get them elsewhere but from the vendor of the diet plan. Some fat loss diet plans come with a “program” and you are required to pay upfront charges and monthly subscriptions. If you can afford them, and if they succeed in helping you lose weight for the long term, great. But more often than not, the results don’t measure up to the amount of the money you spend.

My favorite lose-weight diet plan is free from the 3 shortcomings described above.

My favorite fat loss diet plan does not require you to count calories.

It permits you to eat your favorite (junk) foods (that’s right!! But… NOT at every meal nor every day). Since you are allowed to enjoy your favorite foods, you’ll not feel deprived. You’ll get to enjoy your weight loss campaign. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy you lose weight. Your motivation will surge. Your self-discipline will grow naturally. You’ll go easy on your favorite “bad” foods effortlessly. Keeping those lost pounds away from you for good will no longer be a problem to you.

My favorite weight loss diet plan does not require you to buy any expensive special food items. You can get the necessary foods readily from your grocery stores. And you have a wide variety to choose from. You’ll not get bored with the foods. There are no hefty initiation fees or monthly subscriptions. Anyone can afford it.

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